Welcome to Beetle Inc

Beetle Inc is a through the line marketing agency.  We offer a variety of different services through 5 neatly packaged divisions, namely:

  • Retail - specialises in the marketing of shopping and retail centres, as well as retail stores.
  • Character - specialises in the design of licensed products, product packaging and advertising material.
  • Traditional - specialises in traditional communication where a through the line advertising requirement exists.
  • Word - specialises in customised corporate writing, rewriting to client specifications, copy editing and proofing.
  • Online - specialises in the conceptualisation, design and project management of websites, as well as the implementation of online marketing strategies.

Our services are unique in that we make sure that we do our "homework" before tackling any project, ensuring that the outcome is as effective as possible, and through which minimising advertising investment for our clients while maximising returns. We're just the right size. We're a small, full service agency, and it's a great size to be because it enables us to maintain control of every project and to provide our clients with personal attention all of the time.

Meetings are often intense, sometimes heated, but the end product always reflects the passion and commitment of the entire team.  We actually like what we do...this may seem like a trivial point, but it's more fun to work  with people who love what they are doing.  Our working relationships are successful because we are as careful in choosing our clients as they are in choosing us.

We firmly believe in effective advertising and communications. We also believe in growth. Growth of our clients brands and ours.


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